Motion Collection: 

The Saysky Motion material is a super comfortable performance-product, where you get the best of two worlds. On one side, it offers the technical abilities of polyester, and on the other, the soft cotton-like touch of Tencel. Tencel is the brand for Lyocell. Lyocell is the product of wood cellulose or pulp harvested from trees, often eucalyptus. The yarn is biodegradable and is natural but also manmade.

This particular mix of the two fabrics gives you a product that is moisture-wicking, hard-wearing, and harboring fewer bacteria. Tencel is also a responsible natural fiber made from wood cells. It has a casual fit and a light feel, making it perfect for workouts, running, and everyday wear. Through its moisture management, Tencel  is able to support your temperature regulating properties by hyper absorption abilities. It feels generally very gentle on your skin, as the fabric area offers a smooth and soft surface. 

The Motion Tops come in clean or classic styles, with the classic featuring a logo on the chest. Available as unisex and women’s long sleeves, t-shirts, and singlets with a regular fit. But don’t mistake the laid-back look and feel, as the constructions and chosen fabrics are still highly performance oriented. 

Here you can find out more about specific products about our Motion series: 

  • Motion T-shirt and Singlets:  The SAYSKY Classic Motion T-shirt is a unisex short sleeve t-shirt from our Motion series. It comes in different colours and has a casual fit and a light feel, which is perfect for workouts, running and everyday wear.