ØLYMPICS by SAYSKY and To Øl is a chug ‘n’ run type of race around the block, amply named the Beer Block – a 1,5km hood loop, including pre-run beers and a halfway nutrition beer stop to keep you fueled all the way to the finish line.


  • When: August 15, 12.30 – 16.00
  • Where: Brus, Guldbergsgade 29, 2200 KBH N
  • Distance: 1,5’ish km
  • Rules: look further down
  • Heat times: please sign in (at least) 15 mins before heat start:
    • Heat 1: 13.00
    • Heat 2: 13.15
    • Heat 3: 13.30
    • Heat 4: 13.45
    • Heat 5: 14.00
    • Heat 6: 14.15
    • Heat 7: 14.30
    • Heat 8: 14.45
  • Food and drinks: we’ll be selling burgers, fries, beers, sodas, wine, and cocktails for runners and spectators throughout the day.


  • Price: It’s FREE to join the race, but nobody likes a no-show, so there’s a 50kr sign-up fee that’ll be refunded when you turn up on race day (it’s free to cancel before August 13, 12.00).
  • Max: 20 people per heat (mixed gender – everybody drinks, everybody runs).
  • Deadline: August 9, 23.59 (or when sold out)
  • Age requirement: 18 years
  • For questions about sign up/cancellations:


To Øl


The rules are simple, but let’s break them down for you:

Start: when the gun goes, you’ll need to chug your To Øl x SAYSKY Ølectrolyte beer (44cl), before being allowed to run. Just down it, hold it over your head for proof and then take off with the empty can in your hand as a baton.

Halfway: at the halfway point, you’ll see our re-fuel nutrition outpost, where you need to down a cup of beer, before fighting your way to the finish.

Finish: you’ll finish by dropping your empty can in the designated finish line trash can.

Winners: first man and woman to trash can’it in every heat, will be rewarded with gift cards for the SAYSKY and To Øl webshops.

SAYSKY Ølympics

To Øl x SAYSKY: Ølectrolyte

We love pushing ourselves to new heights, physically and mentally. But it’s also important to take a chill and relax once in a while. That’s why we’ve teamed up with our Copenhagen beer-brewing friends from To Øl to create a refreshing post-run beer with added electrolytes for better rehydration. Beautifully balanced, as life should be. 

The Ølectrolyte Beer is exclusively available via the To Øl webshop – from August 13 until sold out.


We'll be taking pictures and shooting video at the event, some of which will be used for promotional purposes afterwards. If you do not wish to appear in either of these, please let us know. You're of course very welcome to share the pictures afterwards.

To Øl