SAYSKY running jackets and vest for both men and women

SAYSKY running jackets and vests are created for the runner who doesn't want to comprise on quality or style. When you are out running, it's very important that the material and fit are ideal. You wish to find a running jacket or a running vest that will keep you dry and comfortable all the way, without being concerned whether the material will get wet and the jacket will become too heavy and uncomfortable to wear.

SAYSKY has the solution for you and we focus on presenting the absolute best products for you at the best price. 

Below, we have gathered an overview for you where you can read all about the many advantages of the running jackets and running vests. Read about: 

  • SAYSKYDRY performance material
  • The different types of jackets we offer 
  • Keeping warm
  • Additional information and recommendations

SAYSKYDRY performance material

All our running jackets and vests are manufactured from a SAYSKYDRY performance material, which has great sweat-wicking abilities and a super soft touch. Our running jackets and running vest are designed for both men and women, and the fit is athletic and will therefore fit slightly tighter. We personally believe that this will create the ideal balance between breathability and comfort, especially if you are wearing a layer underneath the jacket that should keep you warm. 

If you are looking for a layer to wear under your jacket, you can do so right here. We offer both short sleeve and long sleeve running t-shirts, depending on how much you want to wear under your jacket. 

Combat jacket or pace jacket? 

We offer two different kinds of running jackets on our website. Below, we will give you an overview. 

  • Combat jacket: The combat jacket is made from 100% nylon and will therefore give you high protection from the wind. In addition, this jacket is also created from water-resistant material and is very easy to wear and fold together.

  • Pace jacket: Our pace jacket is designed in a 100% ripstop polyester material that will protect you during the harshest conditions. The jacket has pinholes under the arms and back for added ventilation. The feel of the pace jacket is soft and will feel nice to wear. Additionally, we have added elastic trims at the cuffs together with thumbholes. 
Both jackets offer you great breathability and will be ideal to wear during the colder months. They come with side pockets, so you can run with your most needed items. 

    Keep warm during the winter 

    During the darker and colder months, it's nice to wear running clothes where you shouldn't worry about being too cold. We all know how frustrating it can be to freeze during your run and it will eventually slow your entire run. This is why all our running jackets and vests offer you great isolation from the cold and the wind. 

    Additionally, all our running jackets are equipped with reflective details, either on the front, on the arms, or on the back, which will ensure that you will be seen in the dark.

    Additional information and recommendations

    All our running jackets and running vest will do great as an outer layer, and you can use a t-shirt to wear under the jacket. If you are looking for a thicker jacket, you can check out all our fleece running jackets right here. Besides these, we also recommend that you take a look at our merino running clothes, which we promise will be your new best friend when the temperature seriously drops. You can shop all our running clothes here on our website.